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Patrol System 5.0 for Guard Tour Management
Patrol system 5.0 supports Chinese(simplified and traditional ),English and most popular languages.
You can manage your patrol team, patrol reader , patrol personnel freely . As we know ,patrol reader can just record tags information and time , but we should go to software to download and view data. set plan and etc .
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This guard tour system software allow you edit card (tags) information, set patrol plan,patrol group , and make plan (you can customize your planning time freely). All patrol result download from your reader can be also matched with your schedule whether qualified
Patrol 5.0 for guard tour system

Edit Card (3 types card can be named in this software :Place card,Person  card,Event card )

Patrol 5.0 for guard tour system


Set plan (make patrol schedule)

Flexible plan, free control by yourself

You can make regular plan or irregularity plan according your actual demand .

Example to make regular plan :

For example , you need to make a plan like that " All check points under one route should be checked at every moment , and checking time will be 2 hours every time, rest time is 10 minutes .As below picture

Patrol 5.0 for guard tour system


Example to make an irregular plan :

For example ,your target checking time are some specific time bucket, but not a regular time for each time checking .

Maybe it need less time at night, but more time at night. Or your plan time is not continuous. Such as 6:00am-7:00am, 9:00am-10:00am, 12:00-15:00pm ... As below picture shows

Patrol 5.0 for guard tour system

Patrol result generate automatically , manager will be notified by Exceptions recorded from patrol reader and take action timely .
Patrol 5.0 for guard tour system
Applicable readers











Set up

Data collection

Generate report

Patrol 5.0 for guard tour system

V5.0 Patrol System

Size:145 MB


V5.0 User Manual

Size:4.79 MB

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