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Schedule setup for Patrol V6.0 PC based software

2018-07-25 17:01:00

Q :  How to finish schedule setup on your Patrol V6.0 Guard tour software ?

A: Follow below steps one by one
For example, i want to set a schedule be :
Schedule start date is on June 25,2017. And working time everyday is from 8:00am- 20:00pm  . And during these time , guard should walk around the whole patrol route every one hour (60 minutes).


1.   Find the "Schedule setup" from "General setup " --> Select the target route ("All route " can not be selected) --> Add schedule --> you can enter a name for this schedule and specify the start date

2.  Enter the start working time and working hours
Start time : 8:00am
Working hours : 1 hour= 60 minutes (our software is calculated in minutes)
Cycle times : 12 times

what is Grace time and late error ? How to set this ?

There are 3 result in report : Miss / Late /Qualified

If your schedule start and end time is from 8:00am ~ 12:00am
Grace time set as 5 minutes , late error set as 5 minutes
Then result if patrolled from 7:55~12:05 pm, all be judged as "Qualified"
Result if patrolled from 7:50~7:55am or 12:05~12:10pm, will be judged as " Late/early "
If guard not attend or patrol time beyond this period , result will be judged as "Miss" . Like any time before 7:50am or after 12:10pm , result will be "Miss".

Tips :
If you are not familiar with schedule setup, suggest you can try more time with different sample to find the rules . Final schedule will be listed at right for confirmation before saving .

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