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Tianjin CNPC Gas Station Guard Tour Application

2016-10-17 08:48:40

Recent years, following the motor vehicle quickly increase, the gas station has been became an important part of people's life. At present, China total has nearly 100 thousands of gas station. Because of the petroleum commodity are flammable and explosive, volatility, permeability and easy to sparking by static electricity, much dangerous. Once get fire or an explosion, not only the gas station will be destroyed, but also is a big hidden danger to surrounding buildings. The gas station as the key unit of fire fighting, safety patrol is very important, against the traditional way that relying on patrol by the inspector has been unable to meet the current security requirements, it is urgent to seek a scientific way of safety patrol management.

Gas Station Fire Fighting & Hidden Dangers Electrical Equipment Inspection

Applied Product: Z-6500 LCD Display Guard Tour System

Quantity: 20 sets

Software: Webpatrol System (B/S)

People of equipped: Technician

Project Application:

Z-6500 LCD display guard tour system was used as the only indicator of Tianjin CNPC gas station technician attendance, mainly patrolling for refueling area, station, tank farm, electrical equipment and other aspects. Technician start work by schedule, data is uploaded to the management software when patrol is finished, administrator regularly check the pass rate and the equipment running status information that recorded in the guard tour system. Achieving scientific management to patrol work, resolutely put an end to the issues of miss tag and repeat scan tag, timely find the patrol issues out and eliminate the hidden dangers, effective maintain the gas station image, also protect public property and life safety.

Issues we solved:

1. Guard tour schedule setting. Technician must follow the specified route and time to patrol, prevent those issues that always occur on the traditional patrol such as miss tag and repeat scan tag, strengthen management of duty officer.

2. Event recording. The equipment can be custom set 30 events, unnecessary to purchase the event book. For each location should be preset to the events that may occur, according to the real situation choose to save the event when patrol.

3. Technician inspect the equipment of refueling area, tank farm and other high-risk areas in the fixed time and location, timely elimination of security risks to ensure the gas station safety, stable and efficient operation.

4. Patrol data will be automatic generated as report, available for viewing the check time, event record and miss time in detailed, provide reliable reference for the performance appraisal of Technician.

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