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2017-12-08 12:04:25

This year the 8th.12 Tianjin port dangerous chemical explosion case caused heavy casualties and property damage, once again sounded the security alarm to the people. In 2014 the sixth annual meeting of China's hazardous chemicals logistics, the Shanghai Fire Research Institute, Ministry of Public Security, Mr. Ruan Zhen mentioned such a group of figures: China has built more than 200 national, provincial large industrial parks, more than 300 thousand kinds of dangerous chemicals enterprises, commonly used chemical raw materials to more than 5,000 species, and more than 95% of the chemical raw materials need to use off-site transport. These hazardous chemicals from the place of production to the downstream enterprises or the individuals entire industrial chain, logistics is an essential link in the safety of hazardous chemicals to reach the destination in the process of hazardous chemicals play a very important effect.


Recent years, IOT technology is developing rapidly, can be widely used in the field of chemical logistics. Starting from ex-factory, the hazardous chemicals with RFID tags, and let the label in the logistics and downstream links play a key role. In the transport of hazardous chemicals, the Internet of things can be monitored the transport of hazardous chemicals in real-time, use RFID technology tracing the hazardous chemicals basic information. In addition, RFID and GPS technology can be combined to achieve active intervention and intelligent control to the incidents, including can be real-time monitoring of the vehicle driving position, speed, hazardous chemicals loaded quantity, type, pressure, temperature, whether leaked and other parameters, timely access to vehicle speeding, driving overtime and other alarm signals.


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