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Z-6200TC Wireless data storage downloand communication station
Z-6200TC Data Downloader of guard tour system likes a special USB disk. Work with 3pcs AA battery, it's a mobile station to download data records .Some times , security employee work outside without computer in data collection room .But once record amount up to the maximum , reader should be emptied to work again . With Z-6200TC data downloder , it can delete log data record and store automatically .The storage capacity of each Z-6200TC is 600,000 pcs . It can keep about 80 sets Z-6200F records in total.
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Technology information

Data record



TFT2.4HD Color Screen(240*320

Communication with reader

Wireless communication

Working temperature

-20°C to 70°C

Communication with computer


Working humidity

0% to 95%



Work power consumption


Net Weight



1.5V(3pc AA Battery/ USB)


LCD+LED + Beeps

Standardized Accessories

Connection cable, Software

Mass data offline storage

Offline power supplying
Data can be stored for 30 years without power

Accessories included with the station:

USB cable

User manual

Software disk

Reader recommended use with the station:


Method A:

1) Plug the reader into the communication station;

2) Station start to download data while beeping and blue light flashing; Download finished as the red light is on and with 10 time beeps;

3) Download data directly through connecting to the computer.

Note: Because the reader and the station is easy to wake up the communication function by closely distance, so in order to prevent unnecessary power consumption,should be put them apart with each other when out of using.

Method B:
Download data directly through connecting to the computer, like the role of USB cable.

ZooyPatrol - Z-6200TC Storage Comunication Station Catalog

Size: 1.71MB


V5.0 Guard Tour Management Software for Z-6200TC Storage Comunication Station  

Size:145 MB

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