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Z-6500D Color Screen Guard Patrol Tour System Support Exception Notes

Short Description:

Z-6500D is portable guard patrol tour system with color screen display. With default exception note function, besides of record patrol time and address , user can stamp exception with patrol site while exception founded (like for security guard daily rounds to record “window damaged “ , “Illegal parking”, “Blocked safety passage” and etc), which can report more details and facilitate company to improve their performance . This device work with USB cable to download report to guard patrol management software , supervisor can get report by listed if there are omission and by this to take effective solution .


on guard patrol system


▶ Multi-event optional
▶ USB download data and charging 2 in 1
▶ LED lighting, can be uased as a torch at night
▶ Driver free, 10 times faster communication speed
▶ 80,000 pcs mass memorry capacity
▶ 32,000 impact records prevent sabotage effectively

night patrol security

Event Recording

Impact Record

LED Ligthing

Anti-sabotage Port

Technical data


Feature Reading technology  125kHz ID tag
Reading range   3cm-5cm
Record  80,000 logs
Impact record 32,000logs
Battery Battery capacity  750mAh
Battery life  Charging 500 times
Charging time  3 hours
Working time  18 hours
Stand-by time  2 weeks
Battery level  5 levels
 Screen  Size  1.8 inch TFT display
Resolution 160*128
Event Total 500 pcs
Per checkpoint 1-15 pcs event
Length 31 letters
Checkpoint Storage maximum 1,000 checkpoints
Name length 19 letters
Staff card Storage maximum 400 pcs
Name length 15 letters
Time Booting time 0.2s
Auto sleep time 30s, 1m, 2m, 5m, 30m, 60m and never
Flashlight time 30s,1m,2m,5m,10m,30m
USB Communication port Pogo Pin USB port
Transmission speed 5000log/s
System Language Chinese, traditional Chinese, English
Font Big, small
Dimension Size 125mm x 56mm x 26mm
Weight 180g

Working Map

night patrol security services


clocking device for security


Guard patrol management software take a very important role in guard tour system. Allow to layout checkpoint settings, schedule setup, shift arrangement and download data from guard patrol reader , finally generate wide variety report as user’s query demand .

V6.0 Stand-alone Software

SQLite/MySQL data base for option. WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10 supported. No connection amount limit for devices. Download report with Excel/PDF

security guard

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