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Z-6700D GPRS Display Guard Tour System

ZOOY Z-6700D is a real time guard tour system that adopts 2G communication technoloy, which is

able to send data from the patrol handheld reader to server immediately. The OLED display offers
the info of connection status, network configuration, and other operations.

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125KHz RFID proximity reading
GPRS/4G real time transmission
OLED displays running and operations
SOS panic alarm
Mass storage capacity
Impact recording
WiFi transmission can be tailored
Auto sync date and time with server


Technical parameters

Reading Method

Auto-induction, free from pressing any button


OLED, 0.9 inch, two colors

Sensor Frequency

125kHz EM ID tag


Alerting via panic button

Material ABS plastic+rubber handle Working consumption

Super low power consumption, swipe card can wake device

up to reading mode


LED+Vibration+OLED screen Working temperature -20℃ to 70℃
Storage capacity


Working humidity 30% to 95%
Impact record capacity


IP rating IP 65
Battery 1200 mAh built-in li-ion(rechargeable) battery USB Magnetic Pogo Pin USB port
Dimension 82mm x 52mm x 22mm Net weight 73g

GPRS guard patrol system

Online guard clock system

2G guard clocking device

3G guard clocking system

125Khz RFID Reading

GPRS/4G Transmission

SOS Alarm

Magnetic USB Port

1. How this device transfer data online?

Answer : Should insert a SIM card  (with GPRS data traffic service ) inside of Z-6700D device , then set the network info of this SIM card , data can be transferred to software remotely with GPRS service.

2. How much data the SIM card will use in one month ? xx GB or?
Usually around 30Mb , 1GB is enough.

3. We only want to check the report at head office server, and the sub office no need to install software, how to do ?

A. Install the patrol management software in the head office server or a Cloud server. And create sub account for each sub office operation

B. Set the network and server’s info to Z-6700D device through software

C. Insert SIM card in each sub office Z-6700D device
D. Once scan the patrol check point , the data will come to head office’s software automatically with GPRS .

At the same time , all account (head office and each sub office account) can login site to check report online in real time.

4. Is software charged?
 Yes, can pay in year or host software by user (one time cost for lifetime use) .

security guard clocking system

rfid security patrol system

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