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Z-6900 GPS Online Guard Tour Patrol Management System Guard Patrol Moving Path Tracking

Short Description:

Z-6900 is a GPS guard tour patrol management system that manage the patrol activity by real-time locating,can be customized for different functions, such as Real time+EVENT, GPS+Real time+EVENT, GPS+Real time+ITEM.


residential security patrol services

GPS Tracking

Easy to know guards live GPS and playback history trace on the cloud based software

Strong Lighting

Multiple lighting mode for various lighting demands

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real time patrol system

Panic Button for Guard

When PANIC button is being pressed device send an emergency alert to the monitoring center to ask for help

Mobile APP Monitoring

Peace of mind from anywhere with PatrolMessenger APP, available in IOS & Android OS

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Technical data


4G 4G frequency FDD-LTE:800/1800/2100/2600MHz(B1,B3,B7,B20)TDD-LTE:2600(B38)/1900/2400/2500MHz(B39,B40,B41)
Can customize devices in your country's 4G band as offered.
Sim card Micro- sim card
Data usage  220kb/1,000 logs
GPS Precision  ≤ 50 meters(outdoor)
Data usage  1.8 Mb per day(2s/coordinate)
Feature Reading technology  125kHz ID tag
Reading range   3cm-5cm
Record  80,000 logs
Impact record 32,000 logs
SOS  Long press UP key for 3s
Lighting Distance 50 meters
Lighting mode High, medium, low, SOS and Strobe
Battery Battery capacity  3,000mAh
Battery life  Charging 500 times
Charging time  5 hours
Working time  27hours
Stand-by time  68hours
Battery level  5 levels
 Screen  Size  1.8 inch TFT display
Resolution 160*128
Event Total 500 pcs
Per checkpoint 1-15 pcs event
Length 31 letters
Checkpoint Storage maximum 1,000 checkpoints
Name length 19 letters
Staff card Storage maximum 400 pcs
Name length 15 letters
Time Booting time 0.2s
Auto sleep time 30s, 1m, 2m, 5m, 30m, 60m and never
Flashlight time 30s,1m,2m,5m,10m,30m
USB Communication port Magnetic USB port
Transmission speed 5000log/s
System Language Chinese, traditional Chinese, English
Font Big, small
Dimension Size 118mm x 70mm x 30mm
Weight 230g

Working Map

QR-Code patrol system


guard control system


Guard patrol management software take a very important role in guard tour system. Allow to layout checkpoint settings, schedule setup, shift arrangement and download data from guard patrol reader , finally generate wide variety report as user’s query demand .

Web based Software

Easy to access patrol data via the broswer or APP

No program installation

Video Introduction

This video shows how the guard tour system works and what’s data contained in software.

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