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ZOOY Make Guard Tour System's patrol report in email available now

2017-03-14 14:41:30

ZOOY Make Guard Tour System’s patrol report available now

Since the publishment of our Patrol V6.0 Guard Patrol Management Software , we had got good evaluation from regular and new clients .

In the past, the most work for technical support of guard tour system is software configuration, because user don’t even know what is the first step when they get a new software , and don’t know what’s should be installed additionally, software program or USB driver program ? How do I know which communication port should I select ?... So many question , if for a new learner, it seems really a bit difficult and complicated.

What ZOOY had do ? With around 20 years experience in guard tour system field , we know how to control each step of this system to simplify the working and how to improve the frame to make the hardware be more rough. In hardware , we improved our structure yearly, make it as now , waterproof – to prevent liquid get into and soaking , rugged – resist dropping or vandalism  beating, stable and fast communication. In software , no need to install software program , no need to install USB drive , ZOOY had became the first company who really bring “ free USB driver “ for guard tour system .

Today , we add a new function to make email notification available.

Not every supervisor can go to computer to check every patrol report . How do they check these report regularly even when they are working for business trip ?

ZOOY now publish email notification , which allow software to send email to specified patrol report to assigned supervisor . User can configure email and content setting in software freely , they can select the aim patrol report , email time ,email address and so on.

What will ZOOY bring for guard tour system ? We don’t know , just one thing can be confirmed , more and more easier system , closer and closer as you or your client need .

For latest features of email function, please pay attention to our website updated or contact us for details . Email :

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