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Cloud Web Based Guard Tour Software V1.0

Short Description:

ZOOY CLOUD is a web based software work for helping enterprise to manage guard patrol activities in a more efficient way. Based on Internet and browser technology , allow patrol data transferred with Internet from  remote , visited from anywhere with internet. Even your company no special technician, can start quickly .No worry for technical support .


ZOOY Cloud V1.0

Cloud Based Guard Tour Management Software

security patrolling device


ZOOY Cloud are designed mainly to support our online guard patrol readers connection to internet and operate easily. With the development of internet , more and more user trend to online guard tour system, ZOOY host software on cloud, and allow users to login with authorized from anywhere with internet to register their guard patrol reader , live data monitoring and download report. No need to install program , just buy guard patrol reader , can connect their data online. With this method , also solve much worry for technical support, user have no software maintenance work, we can also support online remotely with login account . No need to appoint time with Team viewer/Anydesk.

Why choose V1.0?

Online Monitoring

24x7 Cloud Based Services

Ability to remote accessing the patrol data from anywhere, anytime

security patrolling
security patrol system

GPS Tracking

Google map online tracking guard patrol moving path

and history playback

Functional Reports

Based on different users habit

ZOOY cloud offer kinds of report display to help them to draw patrol activity result efficiently.

security patrol solutions
security patrol services

SOS Notification

Real time SOS alarm pop up with sounds and message box

processing history recorded for both site guard

and software controller management monitoring

Real Time Notification

Keep you notified for omission /SOS/Exception event timely

security patrolling checklist
security patrol wand system

Double data backup

Server and backstage backup

No worry for data lost if computer/server fault

More Functions

Track security guard tour and verify guard performance in real time with global accessing desktop software , iPhone and Andriod apps.

security patrol report template

Pictures Query

Pictures report with shooting address and staff info show more detailed site status

security patrol monitoring system

APP query

IOS& Andriod workable , check report from cellphone directly

security patrol guard system

Live Data

Real time data monitoring

security patrol clocking system

Account Permission

Different account login with authorized permission.

How it works

This software support both offline and online guard patrol devices management. Based on internet technology , connecting data collector and report supervisor all online , no matter where you can , can visit software with given account anytime with desktop or cellphone application.

security patrol clocking device

Download Patrol Messenger

No charges during download. Contact your provider if any error.


Q:1. What’s database use ?
A:MySQL database.

Q:2. Can I host software by own ? And what’s the environment requirement ?
A:Yes , you can host this software with your own server , as following requirement
a. 1 IP Address (global public)
b.5 ports mapping
c.Windows Server 2008 R2 and above operation system.
d.4 vCPUs
e.16GB Memory
f.150GB+ disk space
g.1Gbps DDoS Protection
h.5M Bandwidth
i.2 disk partition prartition and above

Q:3. Can I visit software with cellphone ?
A:Yes, you can visit software with PC/Iphone & android cellphone (cellphone application offered)


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