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Security Guard Mobile Patrol APP with NFC

Short Description:

Security Guard Mobile Patrol APP with NFC is a mobile application solution work with NFC tags , for security patrol guard use to verify patrol rounds with their cellphone .  Paid by tear , data sent to server in real time , can take site photo in any exception .


PatrolScanner-APP Patrolling with NFC Technology

Just be there approaching your phone

to tag the NFC checkpoint

Live Data Monitoring

Real time data monitoring helps manager discover & resolve issues in time during patrols

summary bar

SOS Button

SOS button will allow supervisor to take action in case the guards who is in danger and need help.

ZM-920 SOS
ZM-920 SOS query

Reporting in Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, available in multiple pictures reporting

ZM-920 take photos

System Configuration

NFC configuration map

Checkpoint Detail

Package Z-6600

Technical Data

Working frequency 13.56mHz IC tags Battery None, passive tag
Material ABS plastic meterial Service life 20 years,can be scanned around 350,000 times
Color Black & white, luminous style Performance Water-resistant
Dimension 70mm*70mm*10mm Working temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Net weight 33g Installation Glue with structural adhesive or fixed with screws


Installation Guide


Method 1

Preparation: screw driver x 1, electric drill x 1

1.Drill 6mm holes on the wall, and put the wall plug;

2.Fix the rear cover by screws;

Method 2

Preparation: silicon sealant x 1

1. Install the tag panel on the rear cover;

2.Glue the checkpoint on the wall by silicon sealant

3.Put the tag panel on the rear cover;

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