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  • GPS Guard Tour Patrol System
    Z-6900 GPS Guard Tour System

    Z-6900 is a GPS guard tour system that manage the patrol activity by real-time locating,can be customized for different functions, such as GPRS+EVENT, GPRS+CAMERA+EVENT, GPS+GPRS+EVENT, GPS+GPRS+CAMERA+EVENT.

  • GPRS Fingerprint  Rfid Guard Patrol
    FG-1 GPRS/WiFi Online Fingerprint Guard Tour System

    FG-1 Security Guards Monitoring System is the most advanced model in our company even in the whole industry . Not the same with the traditional reader, it's a multifunctional patrol device, these satisfy the requirements of most people and industry.

  • Fingerprint  Security Guard Clocking System
    Z-6500F Fingerprint LED Lighting Guard Tour System

    An absolute surprise product is a combination of fingerprint , custom event definition, LED lighting and built-in rechargeable battery Simple fingerprint function to avoid fake time and attendance ; 50 custom event can be defined to record more detailed and accurate patrolling data.

  • Display Guard Tour System
    Z-6200D Display Shockproof Guard Tour System

    New product with impact record function.We added impact recording and expand the storage capacity based on users requirement .Built-in rechargeable battery reduced damage rate for battery . LCD display of date, time ,tags ID and operation prompt when scan tags.

  • security guard patrol systems
    Z-6600T Touch Torch Guard Tour System

    Gently touch starting powerful lighting High/medium/low/SOS/strobe lighting modes Blind insert magnetic USB connector Track every malicious damage with impact record Technical datasheet Reading technology   Read 125kHz EM(ID) tags proximity   Material   Aluminum alloy Storage capacity   80,000 logs   Impact record   32,000 pcs Lighting   High/medium/low/SOS/strobe   Lighting switch   Touch switch Communication   By USB cable   USB connector   Magnetic pogo pin USB connector IP rating   IP 67   Prompt method   LED + vibration Working temperature   -20℃ to 70℃   Working humidity   0-95% Battery   350 mAh replaceable li-ion battery   Battery life   12 hours Dimension   140 mm x 40 mm   Net weight   140 g         Proximity reader   Powerful lighting   Touch switch   Magnetic  

  • Waterproof Guard Patrol Reader
    Z-6200F Wireless Communication Guard Tour System

    Z-6200F used with communication station. Guards no need to enter into computer control center,just download data from patrol device to data communication station. Communication station will keep records temporarily.Then management person take data communication station to download data to PC .

  • Portable Guard Tour System
    Z-3000 Rugged Guard Tour System

    Z-3000 is the newest guard tour system of ZOOY, 125kHz EM ID tag based on RFID technology. It provides Pogo pin contacts and Mini usb port two styles to customer for more choice, whole body was covered with rugged rubber that enhanced its anti crash performance.

  • Camera  Guard Tour System Rfid
    Z-6800 Camera LED Lighting Guard Tour System

    A new product based on RFID technology , with built-in 2.0 Mega pixels camara . Can take site photo as strong evidence .No need to worry the camera working at dark place , the flash light be will activated automatically.

  • 2018 New year holiday notice from ZOOY
    2018 New year holiday notice from ZOOY

    Dear All, To celebrate the new year holiday , our office will be closed from Feb 11,2018 to Feb 23,2018. Business resume on Feb 24,2018. International shipping is estimated be stopped from Feb 07~ Feb 10,2018. Please kindly contact with your supplier to arrange shipment if you have order plan . …..Work Work Feb 11,2018 On Rest

  • ZOOY New Mini size GPRS GSM Guard Patrol System Published
    ZOOY New Mini size GPRS GSM Guard Patrol System Published

    2017 is a new year with kinds of technical development . As one of the department with heavy working everyday, ZOOY’s technical research and development act an important role for market demand supporting . In 2017, our main work is focus on old products updating and industry customization, with the good feedback from the market for our basic model Z-6200C/Z-6200D/Z-6200E , less and less fault rate for maintenance because of hardware (non-driver ,plug-play) and software improvement (non-installation patrol V6.0). We had now updated all our main series to same type . For industry customization, main case are our new model Z-5000C Wired Real Time Fingerprint Guard Tour System and Z-8000X (updated model) , with the successfully application in one of Shenzhen prison ,Z-5000C now had wildly applied in nationwide prison system, this model are specified customized for prison system, where only allow local area network. Z-8000X,customized for industry’s equipment daily inspection recording, work with customized report , aim to facilitate industry / enterprise’s scientific data analyzing and management , such as factory’s production equipment maintenance in order to ensure a good production environment. Another important new release is our new gprs guard tour model Z-6700. With years feedback from market , based on technical experience and structure designing considering , Z-6700 is the most simple and easy carry GPRS guard tour system and got positive feedback from CPSE and regular client . * Workable with ZOOY’s Web based Guard Patrol Management Software (Cloud based) * Simplified operation with low cost * Hot loved by security guard company * Pocket size ,easy carry for both male or female worker * Rugged engineering plastic ,rugged to resist dropping and waterproof . Contact ZOOY to get more details of new model Z-7000 and distribution price .

  • 2017 CPSE bring ZOOY PATROL a new step
    2017 CPSE bring ZOOY PATROL a new step

    2017 CPSE bring ZOOY PATROL a new step With 4 days effort from ZOOY team and all our client’s support, ZOOY got a great success in 2017 CPSE . Same as past years , ZOOY bring new developed guard tour system products to show to all visitors . New products we published this year : 1. Z-6700 GPRS Guard Tour System (Basic RFID+ GPRS) 2. E-INK Paper tag, a new age for rfid check point (combine RFID check point and report display together, highly recommended for public place patrol result presentation ) 3. iCloud software with exception display and processing result report Each CPSE is a good chance for supplier and buyers live communication . Maybe we have cooperated many years but not meet ever, maybe some are new just know from us , maybe some had contacted with us but not cooperated in the past , this is a good chance to know our company and products without doubt . Evaluation from visitors : A.     We saw your stand is bigger and bigger every year , think your company is with fasting growing speed as we see B.     We heard some our client said your quality is good , so we want to take a try this year C.     This is absolute new for current market (for the E-INK paper tag), and we like it and with confident for the market D.     We want to be your distributor but want to get good distribution terms since my previous supplier catch too much from our market …. We thank for all comment from kind visitors , whatever their praise or suggestion , it’s the most direct respect and experience for us to be better. We believe, in the next year , you will see a more stronger ZOOY , and we always follow our enterprise mind to focus on developing of guard tour system and related security inspection solution , work together with partner to maintain the market health . Please contact our sales directly or keep attention to get the complete details for latest guard patrol system information . Memory from Exhibition

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